Election hopefuls and corruption

Despite corruption seemingly being rampant and both the traditional main parties pledging to clean up the system, both Prime Minister Rajoy (PP) and Spain’s former, and longest serving, Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez have stated that politicians implicated in corruption cases should not be automatically excluded from the elections.

Forty set to go to trial in part one of the Gürtel case

After nearly six years of investigations, forty people are due to stand trial in part one of the so-called Gürtel corruption case, a scandal relating to a kickbacks-for-contracts scheme including, amongst others, a former PP Party Treasurer and an ex-Minister.

Mayors and councillors sentenced for corruption

The former mayor and current Councillor for Public Works in Zurgena, Cándido Trabalón (PA), and seven other former Councillors have been sentenced to 15 months in prison and 9 years disqualification from public office for urban planning violations.

Mayor of Chipiona under investigation

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has decided to lodge a denuncia against the PP Mayor of Chipiona, Cádiz, for alleged irregularities in labour contracts awarded in the municipal company Caepionis.

Main parties blame corruption for the rapid rise of Podemos

The Socialists (PSOE) and Partido Popular (PP) appear to be putting the meteoric rise in popularity of new party Podemos down to the apparently never-ending series of corruption scandals affecting the mainstream parties, and it seems to be causing them concern.

Jail for Granados and Marjaliza

National Court judge Eloy Velasco has ordered the former secretary general of the PP in Madrid, Francisco Granados, and businessman David Marjaliza to be detained in custody.