Main parties blame corruption for the rapid rise of Podemos

The Socialists (PSOE) and Partido Popular (PP) appear to be putting the meteoric rise in popularity of new party Podemos down to the apparently never-ending series of corruption scandals affecting the mainstream parties, and it seems to be causing them concern.

Operation Púnica, affecting both main parties, slush funds, mainly affecting the PP, the Caja Madrid credit cards, affecting both parties and the ERE scandal affecting the PSOE in Andalucia are just a few of the corruption cases of recent times.

However, both the PP and PSOE reportedly believe there is still sufficient time before the next election to win back popular support by, amongst other things, promising to root out corruption, so stand by for even more pre-electoral stimulation of the public’s erogenous zones than normal.

Despite both parties now vowing to clean-up their acts, The PSOE have refused to sign a cross-party anti-corruption agreement with the PP.

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