Police officer, former Councillor and military personnel arrested in drugs investigation

A popular bar in the  resort of Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz, served as the centre of an alleged drug ring whose associates included three members of the military, a Guardia Civil officer and a former Socialist councillor.

A total 56 people have been arrested in connection with a group which specialized in introducing hashish and cocaine through the port of Algeciras. Police have seized 716 kilos of cocaine and nearly four tons of hashish in the operation.

The hashish was brought in from Morocco inside recreational vessels with protection being supplied by a Guardia Civil officer and a municipal policeman, both allegedly paid by the ring. In times of increased police surveillance, the group divert their incoming shipments to Punta Camarinal, a military barracks, where three army servicemen allegedly helped unload the cargo.

The investigation began eleven months ago. During the investigation, a total of 29 homes were raided in Cádiz, Sevilla and Valencia, resulting in the seizure of firearms, €32,000 in cash, over 100 cellphones and numerous documents. A former Socialist councilor from Paradas, Sevilla, was arrested, and the bar in Zahara has been shut down.

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