Massive hike in fines as Córdoba updates Municipal Ordinance

Córdoba City Council has updated its Municipal Ordinance relating to Urban Health to replace the old 1997 version.

The ordinance updates the fines for the different degrees of offence. For a ‘very serious’ offence, the former fine of between €300 to €600 is upped to between €45,001 and €1.7 million.

For a ‘serious’ offence the fine goes from €90 to €300 to €901 to €45,000. For a ‘minor’ offence the fine is raised from the former €6 to €90 to a maximum of €900.

Failing to clean up after pets can lead to a fine of up to €900, as can throwing paper, gum or cigarette ends on the public thoroughfares.

Rummaging through rubbish bins also becomes an offence, although the Council fully appreciates why this occurs.

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