Málaga Court annuls Council motion which was never implemented

The cogs in the wheels of the justice system have been spinning wildly once more as the Court of Contentious Administration Number 7 has annulled a motion passed by the Nerja Municipal Council in June 2012.

In September 2012, Nerja Council approved a motion to extend the evening shift of the Local Police by one hour. The idea was to cover the one hour difference between the end of the evening shift and the start of the night shift so that during the summer months there would always be a police presence on the Balcón de Europa.

The extra hours were to be suitably compensated. However, the police union lodged a legal appeal against the schedule change.

Then, in September 2012, the state law was changed to require public officials to work a minimum of 37.5 hours per week. This forced the Council to extend the end of the evening shift and the start of the night shift by fifteen minutes each, which almost covered the existing break and rendered the Council motion somewhat moot.

The original Council motion was in the end unnecessary and was apparently not implemented, but the Court in Málaga has nevertheless now annulled that motion.

Everyone will be pleased to see taxpayer money being wisely spent.

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