Twitter sues US Government

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the US government, specifically the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over surveillance laws.

Under current regulations, Twitter cannot reveal certain information about government requests for users’ data relating to national security, but the company argues that this violates the right to free speech, as defined by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Twitter said it brought the case in an effort to force the government to be more transparent about personal data requests and hopes that other major tech firms will follow their lead.

In April, Twitter submitted a Transparency Report to the US government for publication, but officials have denied the firm’s request to share the full report with the public. The report in question includes specific information about the nature and number of requests for Twitter user information relating to ‘national security’.

On similar grounds, both Apple and Google have announced plans to encrypt mobile phone data so it cannot be hacked by the authorities. Apple already offer an encryption option on their computers which the company say is as good as uncrackable.

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