Plaza Tutti Frutti could be about to change

Decree 78/2002 of February 26th approved by the Junta de Andalucía relates to Public Entertainment and prohibits any bars or pubs with a music licence from having a terrace.

Plaza Tutti Frutti is the main music-bar area in Nerja, very popular as an entertainment centre in the summer months, and so far the Council and businesses have resisted this decree, arguing that it would stifle the revitalisation of the local economy and hurt small and medium-sized businesses.

They argue that Nerja is designated as a ‘tourist town’ and the terraces allow people to enjoy the weather as well as the entertainment.

However, complaints by some local residents are forcing the Council to enforce the law and the bars in Plaza Tutti Frutti have now been ordered to remove the terraces.

The Council is offering the establishments the option to change their licence from pub/bar with music to just plain pub/cafe. So the choice is music and no terrace, or terrace and no music.

It would be very interesting to know if complaints are from people who took up residence in the area before it became a music centre or are from people who subsequently chose to move into a well-known musical area.

The Council has little choice but to enforce the law as failure to do so could lead to legal action, as happened in Vélez-Málaga.

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