Olivetti in the square

The group Olivetti will be performing in Plaza Tutti Frutti on August 7th from 22:30 as part of a ‘Remember Party’ organised by the Council.

Rocking in Plaza Tutti Frutti…

It was party time for most of the day in Plaza Tutti Frutti, with several bands of different types playing and quite a good crowd.

‘Girl’s Night’ promotion causing discussion

La Noche de las Chicas – Girl’s Night – is a controversial promotion being offered by a dozen bars in Plaza Tutti Frutti, Nerja, to both combat traditionally low takings during November and the decision by the Council to ban terraces for bars offering music.

Plaza Tutti Frutti could be about to change

Decree 78/2002 of February 26th approved by the Junta de Andalucía relates to Public Entertainment and prohibits any bars or pubs with a music licence from having a terrace.

Eli’s and Maui

The former Metropolis/Paradise/El Ancla/Scrum in Plaza Tutti Frutti, Nerja, has now become Eli’s. Opposite, Maui has opened once more under new ownership.

Festivities in the square….

Middle of the afternoon on Saturday and already there were quite a few people enjoying the food and festivities in Plaza Tutti Frutti. There were also numerous others making their way to the square, some in traditional costume and carrying their tambourines.

More changes in Plaza Tutti Frutti

The former Maui in Plaza Tutti Frutti, Nerja, closed for a long time, has been totally gutted and is now but a shell and the sign has come down on neighbouring Safari, suggesting yet another change is in the offing.