Meeting between local and regional authorities

Members of the Nerja Council and representatives of the Junta de Andalucia have been meeting to discuss various matters relating to the municipality, something which will hopefully continue now that the two authorities are of the same political persuasion.

On the agenda was the rio Chillar, the Botanical Gardens at the Nerja Caves and Plaza Tutti Frutti.

The walk along the rio Chillar up to the gorge is very popular, particularly in the summer months, but there are apparently a number of areas of concern for the authorities. The large influx of visitors results in much waste being deposited, graffiti, increased fire risk and problems caused by vehicular access.

The two authorities have reportedly agreed on the need to formulate a plan that includes various security measures as well as providing more information and putting up signs to try and stop visitors engaging in risky behaviour. The authorities have also reportedly agreed to continue working together to improve the area.

Also discussed was the Botanical Gardens at the Nerja Caves, completed over one year ago at a cost of three million euros but not yet open to the public. The Nerja Caves Foundation apparently argues that there are insufficient qualified staff to maintain the 25,000 square metre gardens.

On the subject of Plaza Tutti Frutti, the delegate for the Junta de Andalucia, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, has reportedly made a commitment to explore the possibility of amending the regional legislation which prevents the bars in the square from having terraces if they also have music.

The regional decree relating to to terraces and noise levels came into effect in 2002, but was not actually implemented in Nerja until October 2012 when, apparently, an increase in complaints about noise levels forced the Council to act. Bars were given the choice of terrace and no music, or no terrace and music.

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