‘Girl’s Night’ promotion causing discussion

La Noche de las Chicas – Girl’s Night – is a controversial promotion being offered by a dozen bars in Plaza Tutti Frutti, Nerja, to both combat traditionally low takings during November and the decision by the Council to ban terraces for bars offering music.

The promotion offers three free alcoholic drinks just ‘for being a woman’ and can be obtained by registering on a list, calling a specific phone number or sending a message by Whatsapp. The offer relates to Saturday nights between 22:30 and 02:30 during the month of November.

The organisers claim the initiative is neither sexist nor chauvinistic and does not denigrate women, adding that they have no choice in the face of lower takings during the low season and the devastating blow of not being able to have terraces in the square and in calle Antonio Millón. The organisers also state that those who do not like the idea of the promotion do not have to participate.

It is not the first time such promotions have been on offer. In 2010, a similar promotion offered up to ten free alcoholic drinks to women during the period February to April.

The bars in the area are hoping to find some way of having terraces, at least during certain times such as Christmas, Easter and summer, but the Council is advising them to change their licences to either music bar and no terrace, or non-music bar with terrace.

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