By day and by night…

Always willing to oblige if we can, so here’s a little video, requested by Ryan, of Plaza Tutti Frutti during the day and at night, not much difference really.

Noise pollution

The number of complaints relating to excessive noise and failure to observe closing times against establishments in Plaza Tutti Frutti in Nerja fell by 34.5% during 2009.

New addition to Plaza Tutti Frutti

There is a new addition to Plaza Tutti Frutti, the cafe Bajamar opening up a rear terrace onto the edge of the square. They were busy on Saturday getting it all ready for use. ‘Tutty Bajamar’ is the name emblazened in silver letters on the ornate wall.

Quick work…

A mere couple of years after installation, the underground rubbish bins have been taken out of their protective wrappers and are ready for use! However….

Two bars in trouble for excessive noise

The Councillor for Commerce, Jonathan Méndez, has announced the closing down of two bars in Plaza Tutti Frutti after local residents made a number of complaints relating to excessive noise.