The Andalucia Women’s Institute brands free drinks promotion ‘sexist’

The Andalucia Women’s Institute (IAM) considers the November promotion in Plaza Tutti Frutti and calle Antonio Millón in Nerja of ‘three free drinks for women’ as ‘totally sexist and out of place’.

Bars in the Nerja nightlife centre are offering three free drinks each Saturday in November to women who sign up to participate in the promotion.

The Provincial Coordinator of the IAM has passed on details of the promotion to the Centre for non-Sexist Advertising, an agency based in Sevilla and falling under the Ministry for Social Welfare and Equality, with a request for ‘urgent action’.

The IAM has no direct sanctioning authority in such cases, so they have to send a letter to the Centre for non-Sexist Advertising which prepares a report and then sends out a letter to the promotion organisers.

In practice, however, such promotions are usually temporary in nature, such as one month in the case of Nerja, and the IAM apparently rarely receive a reply.

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