Search in Málaga for parents of young child found dead in Oviedo

Police in Málaga are searching for the parents of a two-year-old child found dead next to a railway stop in Oviedo on Monday, the child having died a violent death.

A national and international arrest warrant is active for the pair, a Spanish man and a Moroccan woman.

The body of the child, dressed in a hijab and showing signs of a violent death, was found wrapped in a blanket near the railway line in Oviedo. The child reportedly occurred in the early hours of last Saturday morning. The parents had been living in the area for a short while, having arrived from Málaga, but have since disappeared.

It took the authorities some time to identify the child and the parents. One theory is that the parents fled when the body was discovered and could well have split up, the mother heading for her homeland of Morocco.

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