Repairs to water infrastructure in Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria is carrying out what it considers to be urgent repairs to water infrastructure in various areas as a result of damage caused by heavy rains in 2012.

Renovation of the sewage network and expansion of the rainwater system is being carried out in calle Vicente Alexaindre and urbanisation Serramar at a cost of €123,219. In calle Vicente Alexaindre, the work will include measures on the surface of the road to prevent aquaplaning when it rains, thus increasing road safety.

Repairs and renovation of sewage networks, storm water drains and water supply are also being made in the western part of town, these works costing €79,077.

These two sets of works, part of a programme of fifty urgent projects to be undertaken in various parts of the municipality, are expected to be completed by December in readiness for the arrival of any bad weather.

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