Caminito del Rey could open in February 2015

The renovated Caminito del Rey is currently expected to open to the public in February 2015 and Málaga Council is currently working on a reservations system and information site for this attraction.

Capacity on the new walkway will be limited and input and output streams will have to be monitored, hence the setting up of a reservation system.

It is estimated that the capacity will be 150 people in each direction at any one time, with a daily maximum of no more than one thousand visitors. The Caminito del Rey is expected to be free entry, at least for the first six months.

The works to renovate the area are apparently on schedule, despite various difficulties.

The Caminito del Rey project involved reaching consensus with three municipalities – Álora, Ardales and Antequera – as well as Málaga Council and the Junta de Andalucia, a task which only took 25 years.

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