Asphalting in Estepona

Estepona Council is set to launch a project this month which will see 51 streets being asphalted at a cost, to the Málaga Provincial Council of around one million euros.

In addition, some 1,000 tons of paving is also being made available to carry out incidental work on other streets where necessary or where residents have requested repairs be carried out.

The completion period for the project has been set at four months, which means it should all be finished just before the elections.

Streets in the centre of town scheduled to be asphalted are: calles Teodoro Rojo, Francisca Ortíz, Infanta Elena, La Nave, San Roque, Ceuta, Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez, Terraza, Blasco Ibáñez, Goya, Córdoba, Zaragoza, Galicia, Mariana Pineda, Portada, Pilar de Farinós, María Magdalena, Fuerzas Armadas, Tajo, Mar y Sierra, Fuente de María Gil, Valle Inclán, Melilla, avenida Litoral, avenida Juan Carlos I, plaza Virgen del Mar.

Outside the centre, asphalting will occur on the following roads: Levante, Canario, Jilguero, Grulla, Gorrión, Codorniz, Sierra Morena, Serranía de Ronda, Sierra de Gredos, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Montemayor, Alcornoque, Venus, Marte, Saturno, Chelín, Florín, Lira, Marco, Las Joyas, La Dorada, Fuego and avenida de Las Lomas.

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