Complaints about noisy tennis players in Añoreta

The opening of a sports complex featuring five paddle tennis courts in Añoreta, Rincon de la Victoria, in September 2012 has not gone down well with some of the residents in urbanisation Paraíso del Sol.

Around twenty local residents have begun a legal crusade against the facility, claiming that the noise levels and powerful lights are making their lives intolerable.

They claim that the courts are often in use for between twelve and fourteen hours per day, seven days a week, and that the noise levels exceed the maximum permissible levels.

It is reported that open proceedings against the privately owned facility were dropped in August 2014 after checking that the owners had carried out corrective measures to reduce the noise pollution. However, the residents complain that the reduction in noise only lasted for a few days and soon returned to previous levels.

The Mayor has reportedly responded by saying that he is aware of the complaints but there are many residents who congratulated the Council for authorising the complex and that it is very difficult to please everyone. He added that he has urged the owners to take appropriate measures and if they do not, the Council will act.

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