Confirming padrón (census) registration

As things currently stand, around 2,200 foreign residents of Nerja are due to be removed from the padrón – census – at the end of March 2015.

Foreigners need to renew their entry on the local padrón every two years, failure to do so means that their names will be removed from the list.

The municipality receives approximately €150 per person registered on the padrón from the regional and state governments, this money being intended to fund doctors, health centres, police, schools, firemen, infrastructure and other services.

Anyone who has not confirmed their registration on the padrón during the past two years should do so, it is a free and painless operation. Just take a photocopy of any identification document – NIE, passport, medical card, driving licence etc – or a copy of a utility bill in your name to the desk on the ground floor of the Town Hall. They will tell you if you need to renew, which is simply a matter of signing a piece of paper.

An alternative way to check if you need to renew your registration is to email [email protected] with your name and NIE number and you will receive an answer back from the Foreigners Department.

The deadline for confirming your registration is March 31st 2015.

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