Confirming padrón (census) registration

As things currently stand, around 2,200 foreign residents of Nerja are due to be removed from the padrón – census – at the end of March 2015.

Confirming registration on the Population Census (Padrón)

The Government has decided that all foreigners registered on the Padrón (Population Census List) who have not renewed their inscription before the end of March will be removed from the list. In Nerja there are currently around 2,200 foreigners who have not confirmed their registration on the Padrón. Renewal is required every 2 years. Nerja Town Hall receives an average …

Council sets target of 50,000 residents by 2015

Rincón de la Victoria Council has set a goal of having 50,000 people registered on the local census (padrón) by the year 2015, a figure which means they could have 25 Councillors rather than 21 as at present.

Still time to renew your census registration

The deadline of the end of December has obviously been extended as there is apparently still time for foreigners who have been on the padrón (census) for more than 5 years, and have not made any changes in the past two years, to renew their registration.

Census confirmation

The Foreigners Department in Nerja is urging all foreign residents registered on the local census (padrón) to review and confirm their registration data, particularly if they have not made any changes during the past two years, such as change of address, passport number etc. Those not having confirmed their details by the end of December will be removed from the …

Electoral register

From April 4th to April 11th, anyone registered on the local census (padrón) can, if they so desire or have doubts, check to make sure that they are on the voting list for the upcoming municipal elections and that their personal data is correctly registered. Those persons who are newly registered on the census this year will only be able to …

Torrox aims for 20,000

Torrox Council is carrying out a two month campaign to try and persuade a believed large number of foreign residents to register on the local census, thereby achieving the beneficial target of 20,000 inhabitants.

Nerja population

As of March 31st, the registered population of Nerja was 22.272, which is an increase of 46 on the previous month but is still below the highest recorded level of 22,310 in October 2008.

On the up again

The registered population of Nerja went back up again in March, rising by 46 to 22,272. Of the total, 6,733 are foreigners, that’s 30.23%.