Three arrested in connection with damaged caused to archaeological site in Écija

Three men have been arrested in connection with damage caused to an archaeological site in Écija, including the destruction of a second century Roman mosaic.

The attack took place on Tuesday morning at the Plaza de Armas archaeological site popularly known as El Picadero. The second century mosaic, of which only four copies are known worldwide, was irreversibly damaged in the attack.

The mosaic, known as Annus, includes a human representation which when viewed from one side appears to be a child and from the other side appears to be an elderly man.

Also damaged were tiles from a Muslim tomb, which was also desecrated and human bones scattered throughout the site, and the courtyard of a Roman house.

CCTV footage from the site showed that one man had been responsible for all the damage at the site, with two others being alleged collaborators. One of the detainees was found to be in possession of several tiles missing from the site.

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