Nineteen drug traffickers arrested

Nineteen people have been arrested in connection with the transportation of hashish from Morocco to Spain using helicopters flying at low level.

The police investigation began after a helicopter carrying a shipment of hashish crashed in Málaga province, killing a 40-year-old Albanian national and a 32-year-old Spaniard. The helicopter had taken off from an area between Tangier and Larache in Morocco.

The organisation provided the link between the Moroccans, who supplied the drugs, and another group who distributed the drugs throughout Europe.

The black helicopters, designed for military use, could carry 1,000 kilos of drigs and up to six passengers. They were highly manoeuverable, flew very low to avoid detection and could land almost anywhere, not requiring a paved landing pad.

During raids, police seized 900 kilos of drugs, 14 vehicles, €28,125 in cash, guns, mobile phones and various other items.

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