Swedish tourism delegation visits Nerja

swedish_tourism_in_nerjaThe Swedish tour-operator delegation visiting Nerja this week were warmly welcomed at the Town Hall.

Present at this event was First Deputy Mayor, José Miguel García, Councillor for Tourism Development, Bernardo Pozuelo; the president of the Association of Nerja, Angela Díaz. Also present were Damián Toboso, president of Ahecos area, the president of the Centro Comercial Abierto, Enrique López Cuenca and many local businessmen related to the Swedish community in Nerja.

José Miguel García spoke about the importance of the Swedish tourist agents’ visit, seeeing that they come from a country with significant purchasing power. Furthermore, data shared by the tour operators reflects an increase in the number of Swedish tourists who choose Nerja as their destination, or even as a second residence.

“The Town Council and local businesses have provided everything so that this “fam trip” –familiarization trip- could become a reality. “This tourism promotion activity will allow the travel agents to discover the tourist residences in our town and share this information with their future customers, so they will choose Nerja as their tourist destination” said José Miguel García, who also praised the work of Bernardo Pozuelo and Angela Díaz “by captaining the large number of local entrepreneurs who have joined this initiative”.

Bernardo Pozuelo stressed the importance of this visit in order to overcome the struggle against the seasonal problem of tourism. “Because the warm climate of Nerja and the natural spaces (90% of our natural space is protected) are the main wishes of the Swedes when it comes to picking their tourism destination. We must use this information, so that we hit the right spot when promoting this type of tourism.

In his speech, the councilman wanted to thank the help of the hotel owners who have warmly welcomed the group to their hotels free of charge; also to the transportation companies and the Association of Nerja’s Businessmen. Angela Díaz noted that the role of the Business Association has been that of support, since this visit means a chance to keep a higher influx of tourists in commercial establishments during the off-season.

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