Initiative to extend tourist season

The Councillor for Trade, Maricarmen González Ortega, has been meeting with various representatives of local businesses to discuss ways of breaking the prevailing seasonality in the main economic sector of the town, namely tourism.

The Councillor expressed her intention to work closely with local businesses to carry out improvements put forward by employers in the municipality over a number of years.

The general idea is to try and extend the tourist season in Nerja.

Let us hope the ideas are more inventive than building thousands of residential homes and rows of hotels, the previous idea of ‘salvation’.

  1. In my experience there are tourists in Nerja all year round. Obviously the numbers drop off November to March, but most northern Europeans come for the weather; there isn’t much anyone can do about winter! I hope this initiative won’t resurrect the old chestnuts of ‘golf course’ and ‘marina’.

  2. Whilst not wishing to sound negative about Nerja they still have not sorted about a couple of serious problems. Beggars/drug addicts who use dogs but badly use them. Nerja has many more pluses than minuses but it is time that they tackled this head on. It is sickening & offputting.

  3. I have been coming to Nerja for the last twelve Winters generaly staying for between 4-8 weeks, Nov-Dec or Jan -Feb and can honestly say that there is nothing that needs “improving” to encourage me to continue visiting this beautiful town.

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