More unrest on the political scene

EVA-Podemos has now waded in to the party political rows currently boiling away under the surface at the Town Hall, criticising all the other parties.

EVA-Podemos are not happy with the way Ciudadanos announced the end of the political pact which brought the PSOE and IU to power, apparently doing so via a Whatsapp message to the mayor on September 29th 2015. They also believe that more discussion could have taken place before such a step was taken.

They also criticise the PSOE for their irresponsible handling of the situation, repeatedly failing to honour the political pact which brought them to office, a lack of transparency, mismanagement, political irresponsibility and carelessness.

EVA-Podemos also accuse the PP of cynical politics and blaming everyone else for their mistakes while in office.

EVA-Podemos reportedly want to see more active participation by all parties to ensure the best results for the people of Nerja, otherwise they too may consider other action to protect the interests and defend the rights of residents.

It always seems strange that the IU, a very small party both locally and nationally, forever appear to end up in power at most levels of government, hanging on to the shirt-tails of the PSOE. A lust for power at any cost?

Other small parties, such as EVA-Podemos and Ciudadanos in this case, tend to form part of a moderating and influential opposition to stop the excesses we see all to often in politics.

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