SCRUFFS 2015 results

SCRUFFS 2015 took place in Plaza de España at the weekend and the results of the various competitions were as follows:

Class 1 – Pedigree puppy – Morley owned by Cas
Class 2 – Non-pedigree puppy – Reggie owned by Laura
Class 3 – Pedigree bitch – Snooki owned by Boby
Class 4 – Pedigree dog – Oscar owned by Sarah
Class 5 – Non-pedigree bitch – Bailey owned by Vernon
Class 6 – Non-pedigree dog – Artie owned by Jim Reed

Class 7 – Obedience/Trick – Chispa owned by Karen
Class 8 – Veteran over 10 yrs – Mischief owned by Angie
Class 9 – Best rescue dog – Sharky owned by Laura Downes
Class 10 Best rescue bitch – Jessie owned by Rajhar
Class 11 Waggiest Tail – Lulu owned by Diana
Class 12 Fancy Dress – Shakira owned by Miriam


Best non-pedigree in show, the ‘Jackie Todd Memorial Cup’ – ARTIE owned by JIM REID

Pedigree best in show Sponsored by De Cotta Law – OSCAR owned by SARAH

Best rescue dog or bitch, the ‘John Peatey Memorial Cup’ – SHARKY owned by LAURA

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