Finding a replacement is not proving to be an easy task

The first deputy mayor, José García Beltrán, has now officially resigned his post after first announcing his decision to do so via Facebook.

José García refused to apologise for ‘abusive’ and ‘insulting’ he posted on the Facebook page of the party Ciudadanos, instead once again taking to social media to announce he would be standing down as he felt ‘betrayed’ by his colleagues.

The initial outburst from José García Beltrán resulted in the rupture of the political pact which brought the PSOE/IU to power.

Finding someone to take the place of the outgoing Councillor is not proving an easy task. The numbers seven and eight on the PSOE list, insurance broker Sara Rivas and businessman Óscar Jiménez, are both reported as saying that they have no intention of taking up the post of councillor for ‘personal and professional reasons’.

This begs the question as to why they were on the list in the first place, for show?

Number nine on the list is local PSOE president and teacher at the IES CHaparil, Pilar Jiménez Trueba. She tool up the post of local PSOE president a few weeks ago after former socialist mayoral candidate and former manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation Ángel Ramírez vacated the position ‘for personal reasons’ and became ‘honorary president’.

Pilar Jiménez Trueba is reported as saying that José García Beltrán’s Facebook rant against Ciudadanos was wrong, and believes that such things should be carried out in private, face to face, and not via social media. However, she also expressed surprise at his subsequent attitude.

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