To cobble or not to cobble, that is the question

The Council has opened an ‘ask the public’ survey to determine whether to renew the cobbles on the puente viejo, currently closed for repairs, or to replace the cobbles with asphalt.

If the decision is asphalt, the Council will install sonic strips at both ends of the bridge as speeds would undoubtedly increase. The bridge surface was formerly asphalt.

Also, if the choice is asphalting, the bridge will either be closed for longer than the currently anticipated fifteen days or will be reopened temporarily while the administrative red tape is resolved with tendering the works etc.

To register a preference, cobbles or asphalt:

  • Telephone Atención a la Ciudadanía on 952 54 84 00
  • Visit Facebook – Nerja Participa (
  1. Ron Tape says:

    It looks better with the cobbles, however as seen in Pintada as well as other areas the cobbles get loose and are not the fight choice for the The same has happened in our town in UK. The council put them down, but unless they are on a concrete base they suffer the same fate.

  2. Cobbles may look good but are incredibly awkward and painful for those of us in wheelchairs. If only the pavements were wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters and had ramps to cross the roads. I have often found myself stuck as I have been on a pavement only to find it impossible to get across the other side. That means I am forced to use the roads and take my chances with the traffic – very scary.

  3. John Lanfear says:

    When my family were younger they insisted I drove over what they called the brrrrrrrrridge at least once on our annual visit to Nerja but I suppose the final decision will be made on a cost basis. I just hope for the sake of the owners of the excellent La Fuente tapas bar the work is completed quickly and not allowed to drag on as usual

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