Nerja household waste collection and disposal costs to be reduced!

At the request of the Socialist Party, Nerja Town Hall has approved a decrease in the rates for collection, transportation, disposal and treatment of urban solid waste, which reaches up to 50 percent of the poorest households in the area.
The decision passed Tuesday in the Municipal Council was to lower the fee each household will pay. The first qualifying reduction will affect houses with the lower rateable value (less than 30,000 euros of assessed value) is to be halved; while next average value (between 30,001 and 90,000 euros) will benefit from a reduction by one-third, and exceeding the assessed value of 90,000 euros, which will affect the are the minority being 25 percent of the local population. Most homes assessed will save at least one euro each month.
This decision adds to the already approved reduction in Property Tax (IBI) that the Government increased to homes that exceeded the average assessed value of each locality and commercial premises, which involved applying a coefficient of 0.5041% of the assessed value. The Nerja City Council decided just this summer to reduce this tax burden to a single rate of 0.475% for all urban property, not imposing increases in the assessed value or not by the CPI increase, representing a real reduction in this tax to all those affected.

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