A Typical Andalusian Breakfast

Tostada Con Tomate Y Aceite is a typical Andalusian Breakfast found here in Nerja. Have you given it a try?

Andalusians typically begin their day with a delicious and wholesome breakfast (el desayuno.) A traditional breakfast found here in Nerja is ‘Tostada Con Tomate Y Aceite’ – toast with tomato and olive oil.

When ordering this in a bar or cafe, you will receive a tostada (a sliced toasted baguette), a small bowl of freshly pulped tomatoes, a bottle of olive oil and some salt.

Generously drizzle the olive oil on the toasted baguette, top with the freshly pulped tomato and a pinch of salt to season.(Helpful hint – Prick the baguette with a fork a few times before your pour the olive oil on, as this helps the olive oil to soak in to the bread.)

This yummy breakfast makes a welcome change to the usual English marmalade or jam on toast.

Tostada Con Tomate Y Aceite is usually served with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and/or a coffee. The cost is normally a couple of euros which is good value as it satisfies those hunger pangs.

Of course, Tostada Con Tomate Y Aceite is not just reserved for mornings as most Spanish cafes serve this tasty snack throughout the day too.

Have you tried Tostada Con Tomate Y Aceite? Where’s your favourite place in Nerja to enjoy this breakfast?

Photo Credit: Trevor Huxham

  1. Ayos on Burriana beach serves the best tostada Con Tomate Y Aceite with a fantastic view. It is a fantastic way to start the day.

    • Bajamar by the Estanco is the best place for this!! Perhaps I have just made a mistake posting this as it is difficult enough to get a seat already x

  2. Love the spanish breakfast of fresh tomoato and a good olive oil. Great writing once again Jt! Thanks


    We love having Breakfast at the Balkon Hotel ! The view is fantastic ,the service superb and the Tomate y aciete is served up so nice !!

    Having said that we sometimes visit Jamaica Inn at Torrecilla area for an English Breakfast which is great value !

  4. Good, no matter where you have it. ( Even the gas station at the Nerja exit has great breakfasts and views)

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