Spinal Cord Injury Centre Opens in Malaga

Last week, (ASPAYM)  the Association for Patients with Spinal Injuries, opened the first centre of its kind in Malaga. Located in El Cónsul district, the centre provides rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy. It also offers a gym and occupational therapy.The provincial representative for Health, Begoña Tundidor, visited the centre and met with the president of the association, Isabel García Trigueros.
“For those with spinal injuries, recovery continues outside of the hospital. Patients need a special kind of care that we can offer here. At the moment, we are seeing around twenty patients but we hope to be able to increase that number,” said Isabel García.
The cost of treatment is reasonable and the use of the gym is without charge.
For more information, call: 952 65 15 03

Have you ever wondered: ‘What are the General Health Services in Spain like ? and can you use your EHIC Health Insurance Card whilst visiting?

Spain has a good public health service. There are general healthcare centres even in most small villages in the country. Tourists who are citizens of EU countries can benefit from general health care if they hold the new EHIC, the card that is the replacement for the old E111 form. However, all emergency services are provided to everyone.    For more information and what is and what is not covered by the EHIC card, please visit   https://www.nerjatoday.com/nerja/ehic/  )


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