400 Kilos of Snails to be given out this Sunday at Festival

This Sunday 27th May is the Day of the Snail, the official fiesta of Riogordo.

This coming Sunday sees the small town of Riogordo celebrate the festival of the ‘Day of the Snail’ or in Spanish ‘Día del Caracol de Riogordo.’

This culinary celebration will see the town distribute 400 kilos of snails to the estimated 5000 attendees.

Visitors are invited to taste this local dish prepared from land snails cooked in stock and spices such as anise, pepper, orange peel, chili peppers, thyme, bay leaf, salt and served with olives, beer and local wine. The event will be accompanied by music and dancing.

The event will start at 12.00 on the premises of the municipal swimming pool with the opening of the market and the musical touch will be borne by the Municipal Band.

Have you ever been to the Día del Caracol in Riogordo? Do you fancy some snails in your broth?



Photo Credit: Pedro J Pacheco

  1. John Walker says:

    I’ve only ever tasted snails (escargots) in Paris. This sounds wonderful! unfortunately, we won’t be in Nerja until October (for the Feria – woohoo!). Enjoy everyone, and best wishes from Scotland!

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