Nerja Museum gains 30% of visitors in summer

Nerja Museum registered an historical visitor number this summer, reaching a total of 18,141 users, representing an increase of 30.2% over the summer period last year, during the months of July and August, and up to four times more than in 2014.

Thus, August remains the busiest month of the entire calendar, with a total of 10,423 visitors; although it is remarkable the increase reached in July, with 7,718 users, more than twice that in 2015.

This growth was mainly due to the launch last year of the tourist train “Cuevatren”, linking the exhibition centre with the Cueva de Nerja and other parts of the municipality, facilitating the transit of tourists as well as the good employment data achieved by Nerja and the Costa del Sol during the summer high season.

Similarly, Nerja Museum has scheduled two major exhibitions during the months of July and August, exhibitions “EFE, 75 years in pictures” and “Subterranean exposed Andalusia”, which has certainly helped to attract visitors.

With this positive trend, the exhibition space has the foresight to overcome the 40,000 visitors at year-end, which would not be possible without the extraordinary work developed by employees of the Fundación Cueva de Nerja (Nerja Cave Foundation).

Another major progress in recent months has been the inclusion of a new model to collect impressions and suggestions, with 304 questionnaires recorded, from which we determined that the user profile is a woman, Spanish, between 41 and 65 years, college educated and knew the space on the recommendation of others or through internet. In addition, on a visit of about 50 minutes accompanied and would recommend the experience with a rating of “very good”.

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