Advances in the building of the Coastal Route along Nerja

The councilor of Tourism, Beaches, and of Infrastructure, held a meeting to discuss the final details and work left to complete the remaining section of the Coastal Route project within Nerja municipality.

During the meeting, the unresolved matters to connect the Coastal Route in its entirety were addressed. The route will connect 180 kilometres of coast between both ends of the province (Nerja and Manilva) through roads, maritime walks and paths completed in the municipality. It is currently only 75% accessable with work outstanding on the remaining 25%.

One of the addressed matters concerns the opening of the walkway called Carabineros, a route of approximately 100 meters that starts in the beach of Calahonda. This section will require a budget of 257.000 Euro.

Another point of the route that hasn’t been completed is the one located between La Caletilla and El Salón beach, consisting of approximately 150 meters. Connecting the lower part of Europa’s balcony with the coastal path was also discussed and agreed as crucial. The budget for this section is 180.000 Euro.

  1. Is there a map of the proposed route for the path between La Caletilla and Salon? Is it high – behind the huertos of the houses/restaurants on the top of the cliff behind Salon, or low – at beach level like the Carabineros walkway?

  2. Campbell Gillan says:

    The section of pathway east of the Balcon along to Playa Carabeo passes under what looks like quite precarious cliffs. These cliffs have large rock sections broken off them which appear to have happened comparitively recently geologically speaking. I get the impression that to make this section secure and safe will require an awful lot of cash.
    The section at the the eastern end of El Carabeo looks as if a fairly minor Earth tremor could bring it and the accompanying buildings plus the street above it down.

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