British Holidaymakers may need a Visa to visit Spain

British holidaymakers could soon be faced with a 7€ fee to visit the European Union.

Plans, drawn up and signed off by EU ambassadors reveal that a 3-year entry visa will be required by UK nationals wishing to enter the European Union.


Travellers will be required to answer questions relating to the reason for their travel to the European Union as well as questions concerning any criminal records they may have.

The proposal is based on a similar background check employed by the United States and is designed to stop illegal immigration and criminals from entering the 26-Schengen-zone nations.

Unless the UK government is able to secure an exemption during the current Brexit negotiations, citizens from the UK could be forced to obtain visas before travelling between Britain and the European Union.

The British government is yet to lay out any plans regarding EU citizens visiting the UK but we can assume a similar scenario would come into play should the EU impose visa restrictions on UK nationals.

  1. Graham Ash says:

    We visit Spain 4 times a year,and have done for some years now,if this visa nonsense comes in we will holiday in the Caribbean,Turkey,Cuba,USA,Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore,Canada,Mexico,Morocco,Bali and anywhere except the EU.

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