British pack their bags as Venezuelans flock to Spain

Last week, Spain's national statistics institute (INE) released the population figures for the province of Malaga at the beginning of 2018.

We can assume that the findings are accurate as they are based on the number of people who visited their local town hall to obtain a  ‘padrón, the official list of everybody who lives in a certain town similar to what we know as the electoral roll.


So what do these latest set of figures show us? Firstly there has been an increase in the general population but it is not the British who are flocking to the Costa del Sol with the uncertainty of Brexit weighing heavily on their minds but Venezuelans looking to escape the political turmoil and a crippling economic crisis that has sent their country spiralling out of control.

Property prices have despite the number of Brits leaving remained stable and could perhaps even push upwards should a favourable Brexit be negotiated between London and Brussels.

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