Charity scam targets tourists in Nerja

According to local news publications, a group of scammers are touting their trade in Nerja looking to take advantage of tourists and the elderly.

The way the scam works is that you are approached by a person asking you to sign a petition to help the disabled or another reputable charity.

Once they have your attention they then ask for a donation to help their cause pocketing your money for the gang they are working for.


These people have been seen in the Balcón de Europa area, Plaza Cavana, C / El Barrio, Carabeo, Mirador del Bendito, Burriana and the Parador area, along with other tourist attractions in the town.

Apparently, they are very adept at avoiding the Municipal Police and go about their work unhindered.

  1. These are not new, but they do come and go in waves over recent years. One man even approached me in Mercadona earlier this year, the town one, in the quiet corner where they have the soft drinks. I was pushing a trolley and totally preoccupied looking at the shelves. He stuck his clipboard under my nose, but I was able to get away. I recognised him as I had seen him in the streets before. He must have been on their security cameras.

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