A good day of fishing in Nerja

Recently the Nerja Yacht Club held its latest fishing contest the “Fondo de Pesca” attracting 20 boats to participate in what is fast becoming an annual attraction.


The contest  lasted 5 hours starting at 09:00am. Then, in the “Moyano” picnic area of Playazo, each boat weighed in its catch before sitting down to a meal of traditional migas and freshly caught fish.

Following the dinner, local dignitaries and Yacht Club Director Francisco Padial handed out the prizes.

The biggest sea bream: “Frasco” with 0,300gr.

The biggest safío (eel): “Tocayos” with 4,960 kgs.

1st Prize for the highest weight per boat: “Matías” with 12,350 kgs.

2nd Prize for the highest weight per boat: “Chiroe” with 11,780 kgs.

3rd Prize for the highest weight per boat: “Definitive” with 11,380 kgs.

While holidaying in Nerja why not have a go at fishing from the shore? Torrecilla Beach is a popular location to fish from where strips of mackerel is a popular bait.

In order to fish in and around Nerja you must obtain a fishing licence from a local sports shop in the town. The cost is around 22€ and you are required to give them either a copy of your passport or NIE. 

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