Tango Nights in Nerja

With a new show that features two dance couples, musicians and singer “La Porteña Tango” celebrates the Argentinian groups 10th anniversary.


La Porteña Tango is considered to be one of the most popular Argentine tango groups with the largest audience in Europe. For their new tour in 2018, they released their fourth album produced by the renowned Litto Nebbia. “La Porteña Tango 10 Years”.

While touring through Europe in 2008 Argentinian musicians, guitarist Alejandro Picciano and pianist Federico Peuvrel got together to form a tango ensemble that has now performed in over 20 countries.

The group is made up of:

Alejandro Picciano, Guitar, direction and staging

Federico Peuvrel, Piano

Matías Picciano, Bandoneón

Eugenia Giordano, Voice

Damián Roezgas and Amira Luna, Dance

David and Juana, Dance

Venue: Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja, Calle Granada, 45

Date: Friday, November 9th 2018

Time: 21:00 – 22:30

Admission: 15€

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