Spain is #1When dreaming about moving abroad

According to new research analyzed recently,  Spain heads up the list of where British citizens dream of living abroad.


Figures show that when dreaming about moving abroad 13% of people surveyed picked Spain as their number one destination.

Spain remains the number one holiday destination for British citizens and it’s easy to see why many of them want to move to Malaga Province, where towns like Nerja get well over 300 days of sunshine a year.

moving to malaga spain

For all those dreaming of escaping to the sun, they would join an estimated 300,000 Brits already living the good life in sunny Spain.

One researcher commented on the recent survey saying: “It’s nearly a national sport in the UK to dream about moving. From flicking through prices and listings on property websites to sitting down to watch one of the vast numbers of primetime TV shows offering advice to those looking to change homes for a place in the sun.”

buying a villa in nerja

“Our research highlighted where people dream to move to, but there were still 16% of residents that didn’t want to move anywhere. With such a vast number of different landscapes, coastal views and green spaces, it’s easy to see why so many are living their dream in the UK and don’t feel they need to move elsewhere.”

Opinion ran the poll in September of 2018 interviewing 2,000 British citizens resident in the UK.

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