Moving to Spain could help you live longer

You may have read recently that Spain is set to overtake Japan when it comes to longevity thanks to their diet and the way they live their lives.


A report by the Seattle -based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has predicted that the Spanish will live longer than any other nationality on the planet by 2040.

The Spanish formula for longevity is a simple one that does not involve going to the gym or fad diets, but simply eating healthier foods and getting more exercise.

Below is our guide to help you adapt to a Spanish lifestyle that will not only improve the way you live, but could also add years to your time on earth.

Walk more

With warm sunny weather most of the year you have no excuse to not get out and enjoy a walk along the seafront or a hike in the mountains. You don’t need to become a super athlete either, as just going on a 10-minute stroll four times a week is beneficial for healthy living.

spanish grapes red wine

Mediterranean diet

Learn to eat more like a Spaniard concentrating on fish, poultry and plenty of fruit and nuts and of course delicious olives.

spanish diet healthy olives



Get used to having your main meal of the day in the afternoon. In case you haven’t noticed the Spanish all have an internal clock that says two o’clock is lunchtime.

Have a glass of red wine

Drinking a glass of red wine with your lunch is good for you, as the polyphenols found in red wine are a source of antioxidants that help you maintain a healthy body.

Helen Bond a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association says: “There is little doubt that eating this way is one of the underlying reasons Spanish people are living so long.”

Take a nap

While the traditional siesta may be dying out in the big cities, people in towns and rural parts of Spain still take time to have a short nap after lunch. Scientists have shown that a 60- to 90-minute nap can charge up the brain’s batteries as much as eight hours tucked up in bed.

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