Family of grandma in coma berate travel insurance company

A British family on holiday in Spain are furious with insurers InsureandGo after being told that a 5,882€ air ambulance fee to fly a sick family member back home for treatment was not covered under their plan.


61-year-old grandma Patricia Reid is in a life-threatening coma after suffering a brain haemorrhage while on holiday in Malaga according to the Sun newspaper. 

Patricia was taken to a local hospital and was in intensive care with her family, assuming that all medical bills would be covered under her European travel insurance.

Originally from Cambuslang, in Scotland the stricken grandmother suffers from asthma and cardiomyopathy, conditions the insurance company claim she never told them about and that repatriating her back to the UK was not covered under her plan.

“They gave us an ultimatum, sign this disclaimer, or we can’t take the air ambulance to the next stage,” said, Patricia’s son Alan, 32, to The Sun.

Alan has called the insurance company “complete scumbags” saying that they are trying to “move the goalposts” and that the insurance company was aware of her pre-existing conditions.

The family eventually were forced to sign a form and fork out 5,882€ to fly their sick grandmother home.

Patricia remains in a life-threatening coma that Alan says will be a “miracle” if she pulls through.

In a statement to The Sun newspaper, InsureandGo said: “We’re really sorry to hear about Mrs Reid.”

“However, when we listened to the sales call relating to her latest insurance policy, we found she didn’t declare any medical conditions at all.”

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