Rescue workers drill tunnel to reach toddler who fell in a 300-ft Malaga well

While playing nearby as his parents ate lunch, two-year-old Julen Rosello fell down very narrow 100 metres shaft in the town of Totalan near Malaga. A week has now passed since the accident with rescuers not having given up hope that the toddler can still be found alive.

A giant drilling machine was called in Saturday to create a parallel tunnel to the well so that rescuers could reach the youngster.

“We hope to achieve this as soon as possible as conditions and that conditions from now will be a bit more favourable,” said engineer Angel Garcia Vidal,  who is in charge of the operations.

The 15-hour job is to dig a wide tunnel so that miners can manually then break through to the well shaft and either rescue or recover the boy.

“It is surprising to see so many machines, sophistication, so much energy, manpower and work deployed to make this rescue possible,” said Juanma Moreno, president of the regional government of Andalusia.

He not only praised the local population but people from all over Andalusia and Spain who offered to help.

According to authorities, the necessary permission had not been sought before the well was dug and that it was unmarked at the time of the accident.

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