Malaga Dog Party – Fantastic day out

The annual Malaga “Dog Party” returns this weekend for its fifth edition, with plenty of non-competitive competitions that dog lovers are sure to enjoy.

The event, to be held on Saturday the 11th and the Sunday the 12th of May is centred on the Plaza de la Marina and the main streets of the city.

On Saturday two doggie parades will take place with the aim of raising awareness about responsible dog ownership and the mistreatment of animals while promoting a civic coexistence in a festive atmosphere.

On Sunday proud owners and their dogs will take part in a parade through Malaga’s most emblematic streets and squares starting at 11 o’clock in the morning.

Other attractions include a display by Police dog handlers, dog grooming and the chance to get your photo taken along with your pet.

In addition, those participating will be given a ‘Welcome Pack’ of gifts for dogs courtesy of Tiendanimal.

Dog show Malaga

When speaking about the Dog Party Councilor for the Environment Carmen Manzano said:”the Malaga Dog Party is the perfect formula to bring people the messages we need to convey from the whole associative environment: it combines commitment, fun, solidarity, sports and love for animals in a city that has proven to be a municipality committed to welfare and against animal abuse. “

“I feel tremendously proud of a city where, thanks to this party, we are the mirror in which many others from Spain look when they look for examples of commitment to our furry friends.” Supporting this initiative is not an option; it is an obligation of all those who fight for these objectives and those who love animals. “

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