Nerja’s old sugar factory could get a new lease of life

The local Nerja government has decided to reactivate its plan to build an 18-hole golf course on the old sugar factory site near the Maro A-7 junction.

After having shelved the project in 2015 following his loss of power in the local elections, Mayor Alberto Armijo, now back in the driving seat is looking to push ahead with the project.

To move forward, Nerja must re-categorise 250 hectares of agricultural land on which the old sugar factory sits and go ahead with Sociedad Azucarera Larios plans for a golf course and 680 properties.


The undeveloped Axarquía coastline

One of the stipulations already laid down by the provincial government is that the old sugar factory remains on the site. The developers to comply have drawn up plans to rehabilitate the building into an upmarket hotel.

While most people will welcome the income and jobs that a project of this magnitude will create the fact that the last piece of undeveloped Axarquía coastline will be lost forever must also be a factor in the decision.

Nerja golf course sugar mill


  1. Andrew Gillie says:

    Obviously I understand the need for jobs and progress, but there is something very likeable about the site as it is. Hopefully much careful thought goes into any decision.

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