Petition against new luxury golf complex gains momentum

Despite everyone being housebound due to the state of emergency imposed after the COVID-19 outbreak, a petition to stop the building of a golf complex has gotten 2,500 signatures.

Local action groups opposed to the project, Otra Nerja and Maro es Posible have managed to collect 1,200 in just five days.

The large area of land in Maro where the old sugar factory stands has caught the interest of the Sociedad Azucarera Larios SA development group.

Currently, the land is restricted to agriculture, but now the developers see it as a site on which to build a luxury hotel, golf course and 680 up-market homes.

Despite the claims that it would create much-needed jobs, Nerja neighbourhood group Otra Nerja is opposed to the project saying:

“It will destroy one of the things that Nerja has as a tourist asset, its landscape. That landscape that can be seen from the Balcon de Europa, and descends to the spectacular Maro beach. If the project goes ahead, it will all be lost.”

Because of the current coronavirus crisis, the 20-day deadline for the petition has been extended indefinitely and is expected to gain more traction as residents try to protect the last remaining parcel of land on the Axarquia coast.

As expected, there are mixed views of what the possible outcome will be of this transformation and no doubt there will be pros and cons to each.

There are still some hoping that the plans go ahead in this venture and therefore creating additional things to enjoy in this beautiful area.

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  1. Terry Woodhead says:

    It would be a disgrace to allow this development. This land and vista is a treasure and should be preserved. I first visited it over 20 years ago and live walking in this unique area. A treasure.

  2. Rob Lewis says:

    I object to the development and would like to see the Sugar Factory left as a building of historical importance

    • You can sign here, and please share!
      We are going to protect this authentic area and atmosphere together! No golf and Yes eco agrucultura with no harmfull spraying plastic and garbage everywhere!

  3. Brita Bevis says:

    Too many houses, it would ruin the area like so many other places in Spain

  4. Graham ash says:

    Did i see that the newly elected mayor is heavily involved in this project.

  5. Lorraine Pierce says:

    I don’t live in Spain but have walked many times in the sugar factory area. Why destroy a historical site by building a golf course. Tourists to the area want freedom to enjoy the fantastic nature. Would we as tourists want to ramble on a man made golf course NO NO NO. Please retain the site as is for the generations who will follow. Keep the area free and don’t let the few rich people who play golf spoil nature.

  6. Graham Ash says:

    No point building luxury houses when the sea and beaches are so badly polluted, No.1 priority should be finishing the water treatment plant. This saga has become a joke.

  7. Marjolein says:

    It will create jobs for foreign students of hotelschools. Not for the locals.

  8. Alison Durston says:

    A golf course has been in the plans since I first came to Nerja in 1991. There have been so many false starts. It would be a great asset to the town. The ruined sugar milk would be restored and the derelict area around it would be cleared and tidied up. The views around the proposed golf course would be magnificent. This project would bring a much needed economic boost to the town and its people at this difficult tine

    • Nonsense! It makes no sense! It is a breathtaking area as it is, authentic and part of Nerja and Maro! Stop the destruction of the landscape and doing things for a few rich people! The Locals dont need this! Golf is the LAST thing we need here! Dont destroy the landscape and agricultura!

  9. The old mill could be renovated and become the main meeting area in the hotel.

    People could then sit in the lounge and watch all the sewage float by!

  10. John Marcantonio says:

    It would be great to have a local golf course, but not 680 new homes, they would spoil the views of the area.

  11. As a frequent visitor to Nerja, I would hate to see yet another golf course in the area. As Andalusia suffers frequent droughts, surely the amount of water needed for such a development is a total non starter.

  12. Thill Alain says:

    Yes the sugar mill should be maintained and valued….The garbage dumps around the mill have nothing to do with pristine protected nature . If they are removed by cleaning up the area with tje implementation of golf course, so be it. Nerja needs to invest in quality tourism and get rid of places were garbage is dumped including along the cost line between the balcon de Europa and Burianna beach.

  13. Willem Hofstede says:

    Years ago I moved to Frigiliana because the people, culture and landscape are so enchanting and diverse. Because although the region has a lot of tourism, we have been spared the madness that has disrupted local life to the west of Malaga.
    It is the knightly duty of administrators in and around Nerja to preserve what makes this region so unique. Cultural-historical, nature and landscape, the small-scale society and the togetherness of our population.
    The big money can misbehave on the west side of our beautiful Andalucia.

  14. Lynne P says:

    First came to Nerja 40 years ago and seem to remember a golf course going down from a340 to burriana around oasis Capistrano it’s better now why spoil Nerja , everyone who comes to Nerja falls in love it without a golf course .Don’t spoil something we all love my children &grandchildren come & love it as it is!

  15. Bruce King says:

    I have had a house in Nerja for about 30 years and the town has steadily been upgraded some pleasant some not.But the area around the Old sugar mill desperately needs something sone, the building itself like most town tend to refurbish it .Possible coffee and pastry or some sort of commercial venture where the grounds can be made into some sort of park which is needed.The golf course would be an asset but i with a shortage of water of which a golf course needs huge amounts i don’t see it Being viable.Further more More housing is just not needed the sewage works which are still not finished cannot handle anymore waist ,28000 people roughly live in Nerja ,80000 descend in the summer.I have heard that the waist pipes are not big enough to handle the extra water/waist now so if they did build on the Old Mill site a vast self contained sewage/waist water works would have to be installed eg Fosse Septic tanks .
    Nerja will end up as nearly all seaside towns a mass sprawl of homes Torrox spreading in to Nerja and Nerja spreading in to Maro and so on.

  16. Liz L says:

    I have visited Nerja for decades – I love the feel and atmosphere of both the town and the surrounding countryside. The views towards Maro are glorious. There is a huge scope of activity already, and I think the town has survived very well without the addition of a golf course. Who would it serve? Golfers have plenty of water-guzzling golf courses to chose from elsewhere. Yes the sugar mill should be preserved as a historic monument, and the water treatment plant counted as a matter of urgency, but to allow the development of a golf course would be a high price to pay. Just think about how that view towards Maro would change …

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