Nerja beaches are now open as the area moves to ease the lockdown restrictions

The councillor for Nerja beaches, Francisco Arce, has set out recommendations for the use and enjoyment of the town’s beaches during Phase 2. These recommendations are based on national and regional regulations for the responsible use of beaches. 

The councillors recommendations include:

  • Showering before coming to and after the beach. 
  • The diligent washing of hands with soap and water or hydro alcoholic gel. 
  • Social distancing should be adhered to both on the sand and in the water. 
  • Adults should accompany children under 14 at all times.
  • People should not stay on the beach for more than four hours to help stop overcrowding. 

Other recommendations include the use of bags for disposable waste, which should be deposited in the closed rubbish bins.

Additionally, the beaches of Nerja have lifeguard personnel on duty for fifteen days before the start of the traditional bathing season.

The mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, pointed out that “the responsible and disciplined attitude that we have maintained up to now in Nerja and the surrounding area has allowed us to overcome the phases of de-escalation. Avoiding contagion should be our greatest concern, because, in addition to taking care of our health, it will strengthen our tourist image as a safe health destination, which is essential for economic recovery. We must be prudent and avoid crowding. Let’s responsibly manage our presence on the beaches.”

  1. Mr W Glencross says:

    With regard to the recommendations by councillor Arce for the use and enjoyment of the town’s beaches.

    Could I enquire if the public toilets on Burriana beach have been refurbished and improved during the lockdown to bring them up to a satisfactory condition for tourists and locals

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