Travel, curfews & restrictions for Andalusia – from January 11th 2021

During the period from January 11th to 25th 2021 the following rules on travel and various other Covid regulations will apply. Travelling to other provinces within Andalusia is allowed. Andalusian provinces include ; Malaga, Granada, Almeria, Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, Huelva & Jaen.
This also means that you can go to any airport in these provinces.

Travelling to airports within Andalusia is allowed

Travelling outside of the region of Andalusia is not permitted, however, there may be acceptable and justified reasons such as working, appointments with public administrations offices, having a flight, ferry, train booking. You must carry proof of booking or appointments to confirm any legitimate reasons. The advice given is to check the reasons you want to travel are allowed before doing so.

covid 19 andalusia travel restrictions
Travelling to Gibralter & Añora in Cordoba is not permitted without proof of justified reasons

Travelling to Gibraltar or the town of Añora in Cordoba province is also not allowed.

The curfew rule that has been set is; ‘leaving home between 10 pm to 6 am is not permitted’ either.

Numbers that are acceptible for gatherings will be a maximum of 6 people

Bars and restaurants to close at 6pm from 11th January – 25th January 2020

Shops will be closed at 8 pm and bars and restaurants will close at 6 pm.
Take away food services are authorised for collections at the bar up to 9:30 pm and will be allowed to deliver to your home up to 11:30 pm.
Cafeterias / Cafes will be closed at 8 pm but cannot serve alcoholic drinks from 6pm to 8pm

Schools within the region will be open as normal.

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