Meson Asador de Castilla
calle Málaga

 Meson Asador de Castilla

The Meson Asador de Castilla on calle Málaga opened at the beginning of February 2012.

The interior has attractive decor and there is is mix of normal tables and barrels  where you can enjoy a nice tapa or a meal.

There is a small street terrace at the front of the bar.

Meson Asador de Castilla Meson Asador de Castilla

Meson Asador de Castilla Meson Asador de Castilla

  1. Inez and her husband have done brilliantly. The pork loin in sherry sauce was awesome but the fried hake was amazing. See you in five weeks, I can’t wait

  2. Went last week and they now charge for tapas. Some are €1 and others €2. I will not be returning as there are equally good tapas bars around. That’s a shame!

  3. Danstheman says:

    Somebody should suggest to some of these new bar owners that they read up on forums etc and find out what customers actually want and dont want, and what will make them come back or not.

  4. Kevinhalls says:

    I was in there 2 ago and was made to feel most welcome I couldn’t fault a thing as for.the price I was charged accordingly never spending more than 40 euros between the four of us in a two hour stint except the night We decided to have the gammon and the sirloin which was excellent as for checking forums I like to go and see what they are offering me not what I am offering them so well done inez and Luis and thank you hope to see you again soon

  5. Luis e Ines says:

    Inés y Luis os damos las gracias por todas vuestras sugerencias que hacéis
    Nos servirán para corregir los fallos para agradarles más su estancia y nuestra humilde casa

  6. winston says:

    2.50€ for a beer and tapa is an outrage! These people clearly do not want British holiday makers as clients. Shame!

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