Stuck at home

There are over 7,000 old apartment blocks in Málaga without an elevator and in some cases this means that elderly pensioners, who have become less mobile, are rarely able to leave their homes, even just to go shopping.

Increase in the number of fines

Málaga Council has admitted that there has been an increase in the number of fines being levied due to changes in municipal ordinances and closer monitoring of the ordinances by the Local Police. However, they deny that this is a concerted effort to increase revenue, pointing out that many fines can be converted into community service with an educational content.

Speeding ticket for cyclist

Málaga resident Sergio Bravo, who always cycles to work, apparently thought it was a joke when two policemen, also on bicycles, stopped him on the Paseo Maritimo Pablo Ruiz Picasso at La Malagueta and gave him a ticket for exceeding 10 kph.

La Cónsula to reopen on Thursday

The catering school La Cónsula in Málaga will reopen on Thursday after the Junta de Andalucia relented and said it will provide €680,000 on Wednesday to pay staff and creditors of the school. The school closed on Monday due to a lack of finances.

La Cónsula catering school closes

On Saturday, the catering school La Cónsula to9ok the decision to close as from Monday July 1st as a result of insufficient funds after the Junta de Andalucia had a change of mind and postponed financial intervention.

Serious accident in Santa Rosalía, Málaga

A 15-year-old girl was seriously injured on Saturday after being hit by a car on calle Travesía de Maqueda in the Santa Rosalía district of Málaga. The authorities initially reported that the girl had died after arriving at the hospital but this turned out to be an error.