History with the Mail

Japan’s forces had invaded Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaya in December 1941, following the country’s surprise attack on the American base at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. The British commander in Singapore surrendered in February 1982 and some troops managed to escape to the islands of Java and Sumatra, part of modern Indonesia.

Foul play suspected for some reason

Four teams involved in play-off matches in Nigeria have been suspended after scores of 79-0 and 67-0. Plateau United Feeders were 79-0 victors over Akurba FC while Police Machine FC demolished Bubayaro FC 67-0, with an exciting total of 133 goals in the second halves of the respective matches. The results meant that Plateau edged above Police Machine on goal difference.

Didn’t think that one through, eh Lance?

According to Lance Armstrong: It is IMPOSSIBLE to win the Tour de France without doping Entering a fantasy world for a moment. If no-one was doping, there would still be a winner. They might be a lot slower, but there would still be a winner, unless they all crashed out at the start.


From the Mail Online:

Setting the right priorities

Michael Gove’s exams watchdog has been accused of wasting public money by assessing whether the new tests to replace GCSEs will discriminate against Muslims, pregnant schoolgirls or teenagers having sex changes. And quite rightly, too, as the watchdog has completely failed to take into account the discriminatory effect on the deceased, those with irregular bowel movements and the rehearsal schedules …

In some ways you can’t blame them

Residents transform dingy back alley into a glorious secret garden only to be told it’s a health and safety risk – by the SAME council that gave them multiple awards for it These types of stories are all too commonplace these days, and invariably nothing really to do with Elf and Shifty, or at least concern for the well-being of …

Why not indeed

What will we think of next? We already have world championships for Bog Snorkelling, Wellington Boot Throwing, Custard Pie Throwing and the Eurovision Song Contest, so why not add the World Cabbage Hurling Championships?

Disappointed customer

A man in the UK has been warned for wasting police time after he dialled 999 to complain about a prostitute’s looks after meeting her. The caller said he wanted to report her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act, complaining that the woman was not as attractive as she had claimed beforehand.


Interesting experiment. However, the cameras may be ‘miniature’ for a human, but certainly not for the moggy!

The lips have been moving

The heads of Facebook, Microsoft and Google are requesting permission from the Obama administration to disclose information about requests for users’ data in a move to reassure customers that the authorities cannot indiscriminately monitor their communications.